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Having owned various types of business since I started out as a consultant at the tender age of 22, it became very clear that I was not good at taking orders and so I consciously set out to employ myself in life. This generally came from the fact that I do not simply accept things but consistently challenge things that just don’t make sense and try and find smarter and better ways. That never does go down well with the boss, particularly if they are not that secure in their position so I lost count of how many times I was bullied or sacked for being a whistleblower and decided that the only person in this life I can rely on was myself.Up until about two years ago, I was heavily involved in the recruitment industry in the credit and finance sector at senior level. Therefore I know implicitly how to guide a person with their career goals and how to take translate that into getting the right CV created and presented to the right people. Along with the help of my staff, I placed 2000 people in dream jobs and hopefully by doing that I helped to empower them, give them clear focus and improve their lives.Over the past 15 years I have had extensive experience with staff management, motivation, goal setting, direction, sales analysis, target setting and management, recruitment, training, contracts of employment, employment law, employment rights, designing effective CV’s managing candidate and client expectations and a wealth of other related issues.